Milk and chocolate.
This image have won 1st place in Luxology & Foundry Holiday Image Contest 2012. It was send as a e-postard to all Luxology and the Foundry software users all over the world. 
It is fantasy christmas tree made from chocolate and milk splashes. All modeling and rendering I have done in modo 601. Base mesh for chicken chracter by Yazan Malkosh, "waterized" by me. Rest of the modeling I did by my self using subdivision surfaces.  Milk and chocolate materials are using SSS, lightning done with luminous geometry. Composition and little color correction done in PS.
Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all.
Reindeer closeup
Reindeer topology - ray GL preview
Reindeer "waterized" topology - ray GL preview
You can download hot chocolate and milk shaders for modo 601  from link below:
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